Welcome inside the mind of Tyson Bourgonje


my collection of 2208 songs on my iTunes disappeared off my laptop yesterday, somehow.

i practically died that day when it happened.

i felt so empty without it for that whole 24 hours,
but with my excellent hacking skills,
i was able to get all of those 2208 songs from my iPod, and back onto my iTunes.


I don’t even know what I’d do if I lost ALL OF MY MUSIC.
(probably kill myself…) [But not actually, cause that’s uncool.]

But yeah, very close call. Most of the songs are all back on my iTunes now, so I’m VERY HAPPY.
There may be a few songs missing, but no important/crucial songs. :)

oooh, and I’m getting a new puppy on Wednesday! :) <3

` Now Playing: Hi Friend! // deadmau5

uhhh… what?

I don’t know how the hell this managed to happen, but I’m up right now watching The Royal Wedding.
I never even planned to watch it either! (ESPECIALLY AT 5:04AM >.<)

But oh well, this is a pretty important event, so I guess it's worth watching right as it happens.
But I could've just PVR'd it and watched it the next day….

Tyson isn't very smart and on the ball when he's tired and pretty much half asleep. Oh well. Maybe I'll watch it again sometime tomorrow.
(Or later today, I guess… o.O)

But I think it's over now, so I'm gonna head to bed!!

R.I.P. – Basketball Net

Solid pose holding the broken rim

MACBETH [ACT 5] (Stoner Edition)

Yes, you read it right.
This is a stoner version of Act 5 of Macbeth.

We needed to choose a theme to do it on, and we thought up of a 60’s (Hippie) version.
Where all of us smoke weed!!! :D

So yeah, enjoy us acting to be high.


New Video on Tuesday!


This is yet another school project video I will be uploading.
This time it’s on Act 5 of Macbeth!
But it has a little twist to it….

You’ll have to wait and see ’till Tuesday to find out the twist
[ or you can bribe me…. :3 ]

But yeah, that’s what’s planned for Tuesday. New video.
MARK YO’ CALENDARS [ i will too, so i don’t forget. -_- ]

– Tyson

This is my "office". This is where I have my space set up for editing videos.

This is just a better angle to show what kind of stuff I'm up to on my lappy :)

The Fwench Wevowution

BOOM! Here it is everyone!

Our Social video on Phase 2 of the French Revolution! :D

Don’t be shy to make fun of our horrible video.

– Tyson

forgetful me.

UPDATE: The French Revolution video will be up sometime tomorrow.
I realized I wanted to do some more editing to the video to make it a little better. So look for it tomorrow!

Thanks for understanding,

I forgot to put up my French Revolution video up.

I know, I know. I was supposed to put it up by Friday, but I totally forgot. I was in Waldheim for the evening, so I wasn’t able to then and I totally forgot to do it when I got home.

I hope you guys (Mariel) can forgive me. It’s uploading right now, so it’ll be up in about an hour.

Sorry for those who were actually excited to see me embarrass myself.

When Youth Pastors go Crazy!

it’s late. :/ [2:10AM]
this is what happens when Tyson feels creative and edits videos!

i came along a certain voice clip that i recorded on the way back from Camp Kadesh, leaving our youth retreat.
this is my youth pastor, Dave.
he’s an interesting character!

here, why don’t you see yourself…. :)

derp-a-derp, let’s make a movie!

I’m at Bessette’s house right now, making a movie all about the French Revolution – (Fwench Wevowution, as Brandon would say it, copying Adam).

My camera died on my iPod, so we’re playing pool right now. We get sidetracked A LOT!

Also, my hands are cold…. :(

Volleyball makes me rage,
– Tyson

[Expect to see the French Revolution video on here by Friday!]

“it’s official…. jeffery is bored.”

I had fish for the first time in FOREVER today.

I didn’t like it that much, so I wasn’t really missing out on anything.

This status kinda made my day.

Yes, I am blogging again!
Thanks to you, Mariel!!

But this status also kinda creeped me out, cause of Mr. Lyam here.
I don’t even know you.
Get out.

– Tyson