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R.I.P. – Basketball Net

Solid pose holding the broken rim

Oh, Canada…. :(


Damn Russians got lucky at the WJC Gold Medal game against Canada today.
Canada was up 3-0 in the 3rd Period, Russia ends up winning 5-3.
5 goals in 13 minutes to win the championship.

So this is now two years in a row where the Canadians have come up short in the Big Game….

That’s pretty disappointing.
But hey, at least we didn’t lose to those greasy Americans.
That’s all that matters, folks.

So I guess we’ll have to try again next year in Calgary/Edmonton.
Usually when we lose in the gold medal game two years in a row, we tend to win the third year then go on a Gold Rush.
Definitely gonna try to see some of the games in 2012
[I have relatives in Eddy, so they could probably hook me up].

I also had a basketball game with my High School Senior Basketball team.
We played Martensville [last game we played them, we won 74-72 in OVERTIME].
This game wasn’t as close, but we did win again.
I don’t remember the final score, but I do remember that we won by 9.

But yeah, that’s all I’ve really got today.

[Oh, FYI: I am currently uploading a video to YouTube. Gonna post it here as soon as it’s done. Check back tomorrow or Friday and it should hopefully be up. It’s a class video on the book, “Fahrenheit 451”. It’s way off with what actually goes on in the book, but it’s just funny. You’ll enjoy it.]


The Saskatchewan Roughriders beat the Calgary Stampeders to book their ticket into the Grey Cup!
The Riders beat the Stamps: 20-16, to make them the Western Conference Champions!

And they will be playing against the Eastern Conference Champs, the Montreal Alouettes.
This will be a rematch of last year’s Grey Cup.
They play next Sunday at 5:30PM.


In celebration of the Roughriders’ amazing win today, I am going to wear my 100th Anniversary t-shirt EVERYDAY until the Grey Cup Championship on Sunday. Then I will replace that shirt with my amazing jersey. [that needs to be replaced cause it’s getting old and too small for me].

So this week might be a greasy week for me if I am going to be wearing the same shirt for a week…
Oh well, that’s what you call Rider Pride. And there’s no hiding it!

This is all I wanted to post today, cause the Riders are just so… amazing.
I love them with all my heart! <3

Please, enjoy these 4 Roughrider songs (:


[Green is the Colour]


[Paint the Whole World Green]


[Rider Pride]


[Saskatchewan Pirate]


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