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“Life is getting busy… But my future is prosperous.”

Aloha brochacho’s!

Just a quick post to tell everyone what’s been going on in my life recently.

On the 20th of November, my girlfriend and I have been together for 3 months! This has definitely been the best 3 months of my life, so far. Our relationship is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and I hope so see many more months together with you <3

Another big thing that has come to me has been my work ed placement. I'm working at Rawlco Radio (the radio station that is associated with C95 and Rock 102)! This is going to be a huge opportunity for the future of my life, because I'm going into a field that I want to be associated with when I get out of high school; music. So working at a radio station for a work ed placement would be the perfect opportunity to learn lots about what I'm interested in, and get a possible job in the future! So I'm reaaally excited for that! :D

My Christmas holidays are going to be really busy this year, I have way too much going on. I'm still working at Sport Mart, so that's going to keep me busy through the holidays. My work ed placement at Rawlco will be busy as well, I need 60 hours of work done by January… Chirstmas, of course! I'm spending the 22nd of December with Carina's family for Chirstmas (because I'm going away for Chirstmas with my family from the 23-26). I work Boxing Day, which is going to be INSANE! :( I may spend time with Carina again on the 27th. The 28th is THE DEADMAU5 CONCERT WITH BRYAN! That show is going to be insane!!! :D And from the 29 till school starts, I don't have a clue what's up. But yeah, that's my busy Christmas. I need to start buying presents soon….

Basketball season started yesterday! We had our first practice yesterday, and our first game is tomorrow (insane, right?). So I'm super pumped for that, and I hope our boys come away with a W!

– Byeeeeee :)

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I’ve been feeling rather frustrated with things recently. Things that have happened…:

  • First of all, two weeks ago, I went for my first road test to get my license, and I failed…. I was especially upset ’cause I was way too overconfident that I was gonna pass with flying colours. So I got pissed. Aaaaand, I went for my second try today and failed again!  Am I retarded, or what? :/
  • School has been really stupid recently. My grades are partially dropping [not that much though].
  • They cut hours at work, so I haven’t worked a shift since the 23rd of April. But my next shift is Friday, so it’s not that bad.
  • My Sony Vegas Pro 10 won’t work, and I want to get started on my next video project!!!  >.<   [i got it working now though :)]
  • My sleeping patterns are totally outta whack right now. Going to bed late (1AM usually), and getting up early for school (7:30AM). And then weekends, I stay up even later and then wake up in the middle of the afternoon. Not very healthy.
I’m getting depressed talking about all these negative things, so I’m gonna talk about awesome stuff now!
  • Track was today. I did decent. 2nd in High Jump, 3rd in 800m & Long Jump, and 4th in Triple Jump. I dropped the 1500m cause I was practically dying after the 800m, so I did not feel like running it.
  • Last Thursday, we got school off because the teachers went on strike! So that was an awesome day, I think I went out to Waldheim to hang out with Carina. Good times!
  • Friday, I went to a thinger at the U of S about careers in Information Technology and whatnot. Speakers were good, but the course on iPhone App Design sucked cause I thought we’d be actually going on computers and making awesome apps. Instead, we drew on paper iPhones. Not very impressive. But otherwise, it was a great time! If you’re interested in IT and computer stuff, you should check out Digitized at the U of S next year, it’s very fun and informational.
  • I <3 Starbucks.
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my collection of 2208 songs on my iTunes disappeared off my laptop yesterday, somehow.

i practically died that day when it happened.

i felt so empty without it for that whole 24 hours,
but with my excellent hacking skills,
i was able to get all of those 2208 songs from my iPod, and back onto my iTunes.


I don’t even know what I’d do if I lost ALL OF MY MUSIC.
(probably kill myself…) [But not actually, cause that’s uncool.]

But yeah, very close call. Most of the songs are all back on my iTunes now, so I’m VERY HAPPY.
There may be a few songs missing, but no important/crucial songs. :)

oooh, and I’m getting a new puppy on Wednesday! :) <3

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uhhh… what?

I don’t know how the hell this managed to happen, but I’m up right now watching The Royal Wedding.
I never even planned to watch it either! (ESPECIALLY AT 5:04AM >.<)

But oh well, this is a pretty important event, so I guess it's worth watching right as it happens.
But I could've just PVR'd it and watched it the next day….

Tyson isn't very smart and on the ball when he's tired and pretty much half asleep. Oh well. Maybe I'll watch it again sometime tomorrow.
(Or later today, I guess… o.O)

But I think it's over now, so I'm gonna head to bed!!

R.I.P. – Basketball Net

Solid pose holding the broken rim

New Video on Tuesday!


This is yet another school project video I will be uploading.
This time it’s on Act 5 of Macbeth!
But it has a little twist to it….

You’ll have to wait and see ’till Tuesday to find out the twist
[ or you can bribe me…. :3 ]

But yeah, that’s what’s planned for Tuesday. New video.
MARK YO’ CALENDARS [ i will too, so i don’t forget. -_- ]

– Tyson

This is my "office". This is where I have my space set up for editing videos.

This is just a better angle to show what kind of stuff I'm up to on my lappy :)

When Youth Pastors go Crazy!

it’s late. :/ [2:10AM]
this is what happens when Tyson feels creative and edits videos!

i came along a certain voice clip that i recorded on the way back from Camp Kadesh, leaving our youth retreat.
this is my youth pastor, Dave.
he’s an interesting character!

here, why don’t you see yourself…. :)

derp-a-derp, let’s make a movie!

I’m at Bessette’s house right now, making a movie all about the French Revolution – (Fwench Wevowution, as Brandon would say it, copying Adam).

My camera died on my iPod, so we’re playing pool right now. We get sidetracked A LOT!

Also, my hands are cold…. :(

Volleyball makes me rage,
– Tyson

[Expect to see the French Revolution video on here by Friday!]

“it’s official…. jeffery is bored.”

I had fish for the first time in FOREVER today.

I didn’t like it that much, so I wasn’t really missing out on anything.

This status kinda made my day.

Yes, I am blogging again!
Thanks to you, Mariel!!

But this status also kinda creeped me out, cause of Mr. Lyam here.
I don’t even know you.
Get out.

– Tyson

we have fun.

when we get bored, we decide to be idiots.

especially in IA class.