Welcome inside the mind of Tyson Bourgonje


I’ve been feeling rather frustrated with things recently. Things that have happened…:

  • First of all, two weeks ago, I went for my first road test to get my license, and I failed…. I was especially upset ’cause I was way too overconfident that I was gonna pass with flying colours. So I got pissed. Aaaaand, I went for my second try today and failed again!  Am I retarded, or what? :/
  • School has been really stupid recently. My grades are partially dropping [not that much though].
  • They cut hours at work, so I haven’t worked a shift since the 23rd of April. But my next shift is Friday, so it’s not that bad.
  • My Sony Vegas Pro 10 won’t work, and I want to get started on my next video project!!!  >.<   [i got it working now though :)]
  • My sleeping patterns are totally outta whack right now. Going to bed late (1AM usually), and getting up early for school (7:30AM). And then weekends, I stay up even later and then wake up in the middle of the afternoon. Not very healthy.
I’m getting depressed talking about all these negative things, so I’m gonna talk about awesome stuff now!
  • Track was today. I did decent. 2nd in High Jump, 3rd in 800m & Long Jump, and 4th in Triple Jump. I dropped the 1500m cause I was practically dying after the 800m, so I did not feel like running it.
  • Last Thursday, we got school off because the teachers went on strike! So that was an awesome day, I think I went out to Waldheim to hang out with Carina. Good times!
  • Friday, I went to a thinger at the U of S about careers in Information Technology and whatnot. Speakers were good, but the course on iPhone App Design sucked cause I thought we’d be actually going on computers and making awesome apps. Instead, we drew on paper iPhones. Not very impressive. But otherwise, it was a great time! If you’re interested in IT and computer stuff, you should check out Digitized at the U of S next year, it’s very fun and informational.
  • I <3 Starbucks.
Now Playing: Ghosts On A G6 (Basic Physics Mashup) // Deadmau5 vs. Far East Movement

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